Murri's Thesis Weekend

What a whirlwind this past weekend has been! Such an outpouring of support, love, understanding, and togetherness from everyone has made for the performances of Murri's "Fuck Me" a truly remarkable event.

I was so fortunate to be asked to be a part of Murri's process, writing, performance, musical accompanist, sounding board, and so much more for her the entire way. This of course is on top of being so lucky to call her my girlfriend.

It has been quite the experience to say the least. Learning to play in a new live setting along with live looping, musical improvisation/conversation with text, and providing an emotional bed to support the performance.

I am truly humbled by the support, kind words, and encouragement from everyone. To see Murri put herself out there to really tell her story fills me with so much joy and makes me so proud. The courage it took to be that honest and vulnerable cannot be measured but I could see it in the audience's faces that is was something that needed to be shared and understood. I know that whatever comes next for her that there are only great things in her future. I know that wholly and completely. Now for her to start that paper...

For those who could not make it, I am currently working on editing the footage from the performances to share with all. I am honored to say I got to be a part of Murri's show and feel like it really deserves and needs to be shared. When it is available to watch we will be letting everyone know!

Thank you to all who came, helped, supported, worked the performances, and much, much more!

Until next time,


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